The most sensible card counting game teaching in blackjack

Blackjack, originally a card game originated in France, and then began to spread to all corners of the world, even in Macau casino blackjack is one of the most popular games, however, men and women of all ages began to play This wave of craze has arisen, so many people have also played blackjack in their childhood, and the rules of blackjack are actually not difficult to understand. As long as the points are exactly 21 or below, it is safe, and if it exceeds, it will explode. Once you understand such rules, you can use various ways to defeat your opponents when playing the game.
And the editors of these gameplay and rules will be integrated into a blackjack teaching, to discuss whether there is any method that can be used as a blackjack cracker, so that you can become the king of kings in the game, and some players have questions that can really be used Math to crack blackjack card counting? After all, some gambling games say that they can be cracked by counting cards, but they are just empty names. There is no such thing at all. Let the editor lead you to explore, can blackjack really be solved by counting cards! And now there are really more and more casinos, and chess and card games are also the largest casino games, so basically there are online blackjack games. Have you ever played it? If you want to experience the charm of blackjack games, try, not only can you play blackjack, you can also play well-known slot games, baccarat and roulette games here.

The origin story of blackjack

Black jack, also known as black jack, was not popular in the United States at first, and later casinos provided various additional bonuses to attract gamblers to participate in the game, and the condition for receiving this additional bonus is when the player’s hand is at the same time. With the Ace of Spades and the Jack of Spades, the bonus will become tenfold, and such a card is called “Black jack”, which gradually became the name of the American version of blackjack. The earliest blackjack is a card game that originated in French casinos. It gradually spread to every corner of the global village and became one of the well-known card games.

Blackjack rules and gameplay, how do you play this game?

The rules of blackjack are not absolute. Different casinos have different rules. The most general rule is to know how to chase cards, and to use this advantage to be closer to blackjack than the player who played the cards. If it exceeds 21, it will burst. It means that the funds in your hands are going to disappear. The rule of 21 points is that the card A is regarded as 1 point or 11 points; the cards 2~10 points are calculated according to the number of points on the card; the cards J, Q, K are regarded as 10 points, and 21 points, as the name suggests, is related to 21 points, usually casinos The blackjack rule of the game is that the player must obtain the closest point to 21, but cannot exceed 21 (exploded), and then compare the size with the dealer.
At the beginning of the game, one player is the dealer who is responsible for dealing the cards, and the other players are the players. If the sum of the two cards of the player is 21 points, the card can be flipped directly, and the banker needs to pay double the bet of the player; on the contrary, if the sum of the two cards of the banker is 21 points, each player must pay double bet Bet to the dealer; if the player and dealer have the same two cards as blackjack, the player can only pay double the bet.
After the two cards are dealt, if no one reaches 21, the banker will ask the players in a clockwise manner whether they need to draw cards. If the player feels very close to blackjack after up-playing, the player can choose to increase the bet, and the deck cannot be re-carded after the raise. After the player draws the card, if the card in his hand exceeds 21 points, it is busted, and he has to reveal the card in his hand, and the bet goes to the dealer, regardless of whether the dealer’s card is also busted. And after the last player decides not to draw, the banker can reveal his hidden cards and make up the points. If the total points are less than 17 points, he needs to force the draws. Compared with the other players, the points are the closest to 21. The player with the points wins.

Teach you how to crack at blackjack

When the banker shows 4, 5, 6 or even more points on the open card, the player can not rush to make up cards, wait for the banker to bust, and find a way to make the banker out. If you have dealt two cards, even if the dealer has a large number of cards and his own point is close to 21, don’t rush to draw. If the cards obtained are A and 8, you need to split the cards. If you get 4, 5, 6, and 10, you must not split the cards, because a single A is a very strong card. If you have two Aces, you can split the cards. Make up 21 points; two 8’s add up to 16 points, if you split the card, you have a chance to get a higher point; and if there are two 6’s, the point is very small after the split, and you have a chance to get a high point It is very small, so splitting is not recommended.
There have been science and engineering students who have successfully used the method of “quantum entanglement” to crack blackjack. The students used the characteristics of quantum entanglement to allow only one bit of information to be transmitted between two players, that is, to decide whether to add a card or not. Adding cards, this is an advantage that can beat the dealer, and the reason why this method will be successful is because qubits can produce quantum entanglement. Also affects other qubits, which in turn can crack the dealer’s advantage when playing blackjack!

Can blackjack counting skills really be used in games?

The blackjack card counting method most people use is the high-low card counting method (high-low). A is recorded as -1, and addition and subtraction can be used to quickly note the combination and change of 21 points on the field. If it is counted as a negative number, it means that most of the big cards are issued on the field. Suppose there are 2, 8, J, 5, and K on the field. , A, 7, the number of points in that field is -1, and there are only a lot of small cards left in the card box, which is not good for the player. Regardless of the high-low card counting method or the basic strategy, it is aimed at weakening the dealer. The advantage of , if it is combined with the Kelly betting method of Yuncai, it can be regarded as a long-term profitable strategy!

Have you ever played online blackjack?

At present, online blackjack is basically available in all casinos. Not only live-action blackjack, but also in chess and card games, such as pnxbet. The gameplay is actually similar to reality. To achieve the entertainment nature and convenience, they will directly play the online blackjack game of the casino. Not only can the stored value points be solved on the mobile phone, but even the various operations of applying for consignment can be handled directly on the mobile phone, which is very in line with modern people’s expectations for mobile phones. It is very convenient to play games on mobile phones, and you can play wherever you go. Rather than interacting with people in casinos, it is better to play online blackjack at home to help slow down the continued deterioration of the epidemic!

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