Roulette Betting Tips – Big Number Betting Method

In this Roulette Betting Skills Tutorial, we will explain some interesting “Roulette Betting Tips” which are live video roulette games that can be used in online casinos. But before that, you must be reminded that these tricks are not mathematically rigorous enough to give you any computational advantage. But it’s a lot of fun, and with tips and tricks on money management, it might give you more fun and less negative expectations.
Roulette and craps can be said to be the most popular and oldest gambling game in gaming games, and different types of gameplay will be extended later. Using pnxbet2. com, you will experience different game contents, including slot machines, live casino, E-Sport, Sportsbook and Sabong and other multi-games. According to some research studies, the game of roulette can be traced back to Roman times, when similar games were invented. At the beginning, the soldiers who fought in various places used sheep bones instead of dice and used shields as roulette. Also because there was no fixed entertainment in the war abroad for many years, such an invention soon blew a whirlwind.
P.S: The most famous dice game in the United States is called “Craps”, which is called “craps and craps” in Chinese, while the popular dice game in Taiwan, China and other Chinese regions is called “Sic Bo”. The two are not Exactly the same game.

Roulette skills and rules

Let’s talk about the first thing first: what is the difference between the context of roulette and the skills of roulette? It’s almost the same. You can think of this betting strategy as a more complex roulette technique. The roulette betting technique to be introduced today is more inclined to the latter part. It is a betting strategy that selects numbers to suppress. You can directly select one or more groups of numbers to bet directly.
Before placing bets, please observe the roulette scoreboard. Faced with the scoreboard that often displays the numbers of the last 20 rounds, have you found any rules? Yes, there are many numbers that are often or currently repeated. In fact, statistics show that even with just 20 spins, the numbers are often repeated. The roulette skill that the casino will introduce next, you can also call it “big number roulette betting skill”, you first select the most common set of numbers and bet on that number. If there are multiple sets of numbers to choose from, you can also place all the numbers.

How to start betting?

No matter how much money you normally bet with, put all that money on that number now. If more than one number repeats frequently, you can use the minimum bet to bet multiple numbers instead.
Although it’s not often that multiple sets of numbers are repeated in the situations I’ve observed, it does happen.
Reminder: If you want to bet on multiple groups of numbers, it is recommended to split the rating bet for the minimum bet amount required.

Start watching betting numbers

In the online casino roulette trick, you have to bet directly with the numbers on the scoreboard, and once the number disappears from the scoreboard, you stop betting on the set of numbers immediately. Don’t bet any more if the numbers don’t come up again in the short term. Watch carefully and don’t start betting until there are repeating numbers. This process actually requires players’ self-requirements, because it is not so simple to control yourself not to bet at any time. You can think of it another way, the rounds you rest are actually saving you money and giving you a chance to put on the highest odds numbers.

Reverse operation – pick a number bet that doesn’t appear

There are some players who like to play roulette in the casino. Many people like to watch the scoreboard and choose the numbers that have not yet appeared. If you want to ask if this method is feasible, then I can tell you that you can try it with confidence.
At that time, there were these two betting methods, which involved some mathematical theories, but the logic of the large number betting method (sorry, I know the name may be a bit ugly) is a more active betting technique, you just need to observe the score plate. For numbers that appear frequently, you can directly bet. Relatively speaking, to select numbers that have never appeared, it becomes necessary for players to continuously record and track the numbers. Intimate features), and looking at 20 innings numbers can get you very confused.

Suppose there are several numbers that repeat with different frequencies, what should I do?

If it is assumed that 2 appears twice and 4 appears 3 times, how do you choose? Will you bet multiple groups and use the same chips at a time? It is generally not recommended to increase your chips indefinitely for each bet. Such bets Betting can jeopardize your stake management part of the casino, and I suggest you just pick a repeating set of numbers at a time.
When you bet more chips, it doesn’t help you win more money. Over time, you just keep reducing the total amount of your stake. It’s true that if you bet higher stacks, you’ll win more money when you hit the jackpot, but the banker’s advantage isn’t diminished in any way. As you bet more and more money over time, you have to watch for house edge to wear down your bankroll.
IMPORTANT: You must always remember that no matter which betting method you use, you cannot change the underlying mathematical odds of roulette. You’ll hit 1/38 in American Double Zero, and 1/37 in European Roulette, a fact that no amount of skill can change.

Other Roulette Tips

If you don’t agree with the way to bet directly on a single number, we understand. After all, on the hottest American roulette, the odds of winning a single number are 1 in 38, which means you may have to go through a long wait (believe that the number won’t repeat so quickly), which does put many players off.
If it is on European roulette, this method is even better than American roulette. If you have a chance to encounter a single-zero roulette, remember not to give up the opportunity to try this method.
Note: The house edge for American Roulette is 5.26%, while for European Roulette it is 2.7%. Therefore, it is clear at a glance which form of roulette to choose to play is most beneficial.
If you want to avoid betting on just one number, you can add one or more sets of recents outside, for example: red/black, odd/even, big/small. With the above-mentioned large number betting method, you may be able to shorten your total betting time, and many players actually like the betting method of continuous clicking, and I am one of them.
In online casinos, these roulette skills are combined with a very wide variety of betting combinations. Here is a simple example for your reference.

Example of Roulette Betting Tips

Suppose, we see a repeat of “10” on the scoreboard. That starts to list the characteristics, 10 is black, even, small (small numbers are 1~18, large numbers are 19~36).
If you choose 10 is the number to start betting on. That would have the following options:

  • Bets all bet on black
  • Bet at 1:1 odds for the whole family
  • The bet is all over the small
  • Bet all-in 10
    Yes, this betting method is very inconsistent with the logic of ordinary players. I have also mentioned before that this method is a more aggressive betting mode. But assuming you’re an aggressive player, this suggestion may not be hesitant for you, because multiple groups of diversified investments are really just consuming your bet with constant house edge. But I also don’t want you to stack up (if you have 4 options, you’ll increase your stack by 4 times), and if you lose on a losing streak, you’ll just be wiped out by yourself very quickly.
    Assuming that your usual bet amount is 100, then you can split the bet into 4X25. There is no problem with this way of betting, remember that the size of the bet should always be within the range of your stake.

Things to watch out for in roulette skills

Now let’s go back and analyze what kind of situation you will encounter, and give you relevant suggestions.
If there are two large numbers in different colors, it is recommended that you give up betting on the color.
If there are two large numbers, and one is large and the other is small, it is recommended that you give up the bet size.
If two numbers appear on different lines, you can bet on the third line.
The betting combination can be designed as you like, after all, the fun of the game is important.

Finally, a related warning about betting on roulette games

The author is a very conservative game player. Although this method is introduced above, it is recommended that you must do your own money management. Gaming is a contradictory combination of fear and joy at the same time. The process of playing this game will stimulate your adrenal glands and endorphins, allowing you to taste unprecedented excitement and happiness.
Then I have been playing casino games in the casino for a long time, and I have also experienced many moments of heartbreak. I have faced disappointment from family members and debt collection from friends. This will not be the last situation you want to see. Therefore, in the end, I will list some of my personal problems for establishing important concepts of games. You can think about it for yourself according to this table, which may allow you to experience all the games in the casino more correctly and easily.
Don’t bet more than you can afford at one time. The more money you put on this, the faster you get knocked out. Next time you’re on impulse, think about how long you’ll have to work hard to get the money.
Never increase your betting chip to make up for the loss of the first few hands. This is very stupid. When you keep chasing high stacks, if you are lucky, you are just a draw. If you are unlucky, you may just lose. The solution is to turn off the computer and go outside if you are unlucky today and quickly lose the range you set.
Make sure you always have enough money on hand, not make sure you have enough money at the table.
Set up a separate account for your gambling funds and keep it out of your everyday life. Trust me, then your life will start to follow chaos.
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