Introduction to blckjack – Even beginners can count cards in blackjack!

In common poker games, blackjack is not only common, but also very fun and easy to learn. I believe that people who like casino games must have played it. Of course, in casinos or online casinos, there must be blackjack. For example, pnxbet. The pxbet not only provide blackjack, but also provide poker games such as baccarat and Texas hold’em. At this time, you might as well have some fun and try your skills!

Online Talk – Blackjack Poker Game

Blackjack is a classic and common poker game.
I believe that many people must have played it when they were young. Of course, you can also play blackjack in major casinos or online casinos to try your skills. I believe everyone is familiar with the rules of the game of blackjack, that is, whoever has the card with the closest point to 21 will win.

Legendary blackjack

Of course, there is also the legendary “Black Jack”, which means that when a player gets an ace of spades, plus a jack of spades or clubs, they can get the highest bonus. There are many other ways of playing and rules in blackjack, so let me briefly introduce them now, even a novice can get started quickly!

How does Blackjack count the points?

If you want to calculate the points in blackjack, you don’t need to care what suit of cards you get, as long as you pay attention to the numbers on the cards.
First of all, the numbers 2~9 on the card represent the corresponding numbers; and 10, J, Q, K all represent 10 points. The last A is a special card that can represent 1 or 11, depending on the situation in the player’s hand.
If the player thinks he might bust (more than 21), he can treat the ace as a 1, and vice versa for an 11. For example: if you get A+9, it can be seen as 11+9=20; if you get A+8+K, it can be seen as 1+8+10=19.

Basics of Blackjack gameplay – Quick Start Guide

The gameplay of Blackjack is very simple. The general process is as follows:

The dealer will deal two cards to the banker and the player, and the player will deal first.
The croupier will ask the player if he needs to draw, and the player can decide whether to continue to draw according to the points of the existing cards. When the player is out of cards, switch to the banker’s side. If the banker’s card number is less than 17, he must make more than 17; if it is greater than 17, he does not need to draw.
After the draw is over, it is the opening card ratio. If one of them has a higher point, or gets 21 points and Black Jack, then that side wins; if the points are the same, it is a draw.
Blackjack Card Counting Special Skills How to Play Raiders Tips
The following introduces three special types of blackjack games:

1. Blackjack Insurance

When the player sees that the banker’s up card is an A, he can consider “buying insurance”. Because if the banker’s hole card is a 10 or a jack, the player simply loses. The insurance money is half of the original bet amount. Here are 4 possible scenarios:

A. Players buy insurance
Banker gets Black Jack → Banker must give the player twice as much insurance.
Banker didn’t get Black Jack → Banker took the insurance money and continued to draw or compare the size.

B. The player does not buy insurance
The banker gets the Black Jack → banker collects the player’s bet amount.
The banker didn’t get the Black Jack → continue to outs or oversize.

2. Blackjack

If there are two cards with the same rank, the player can choose to split the cards, and the split cards must be raised with the same amount as the original bet. What’s more special is that if two Aces are used to split the cards, then even if you get 10 or J, it is not a Black Jack, and it can only be regarded as 21 points at most. That is, if the banker also has an ace and 10/J, then the banker wins, not the player.

3. Blackjack Double Bet

When the player determines that the number of cards in his hand can beat the banker after drawing a card, then the player can double bet, that is, if he wins, he can get twice the price. But if you know from the start that you have the Black Jack, you cannot use this betting method.

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