6 Russian Roulette Strategies, Playing Roulette is all about knowing how to adapt!

When it comes to roulette strategy, which set of skills will you think of? If you have read the article 5 roulette tips that will make you conquer online roulette, then you must be familiar with roulette strategy, which is circulating on the Internet today. Among the many roulette strategies in , there is no absolute advantage or a 100% win rate routine, and of course there is no order of strength.
But even so, we can still try our best to improve the possibility of winning roulette. Here we will provide 6 roulette strategies to correspond to players of different attack types. You can check which one you are according to the instructions in the text. Types of players, and apply their own roulette strategy to the betting session, using pnxbet gaming, you can also improve yourself in roulette games, please don’t miss this detailed introduction to roulette strategies!

Roulette Strategy 1: Martingale

Suitable users: novice players, intermediate players, advanced players
The flat bet probability strategy is a more general skill theory in the roulette strategy. Whether it is a new player who has just started or an advanced intermediate and advanced player, the flat bet probability is relatively conservative and stable strategy, and the flat bet probability The betting side of the strategy is quite simple and easy to understand, that is, when the game loses money, double the bet in the next game, and focus on the “red and black”, “odd” and “size” blocks to bet, which can be said to be A basic “double betting” technique, which can be used to correspond to the game with a simple concept, not only has the opportunity to increase the chips, but also does not cause excessive losses.

Roulette Strategy 2: Paroli Strategy

Suitable users: Novice players
The Paroli strategy that I want to introduce to you next is the most suitable roulette strategy for novice players. It comes from the Latvian word “Paroli”, which means “password”. This roulette strategy can also be called “Paroli”. Password Strategy”, its design direction is similar to the “decryption” betting process.
Although it is deciphering, the use of Paroli’s strategy is quite simple. There is a core formula that can be provided to you, which is called “double the bet when you win, keep the original bet when you lose, and welcome three consecutive victories”. In fact, this is quite a A logical betting formula, from changing the offensive rhythm to waiting for the timing of a winning streak, Paroli Theory is a well-organized roulette strategy, and after winning three games in a row, the bets won in these three games can be collected. Put it in your pocket and follow each step consistently.

Roulette Strategy 3: D’Alembert Strategy

Suitable users: Novice players
D’Alembert’s strategy is a betting technique that pays more attention to “side betting” in the roulette strategy, such as “red and black”, “odd”, “size” and other blocks, in order to reduce the risk to a lower betting direction. It is also not difficult to understand how to use the execution bet. Simply put, when a player loses each time they increase the chips by “one unit” in the next round, it can be regarded as a “progressive betting method”.
Compared with the old progressive betting method in the past, D’Alembert’s strategy is an evolutionary version of the compass strategy. Since the previous version “recedes one unit” every time it wins, strictly speaking, it is more like “gradual retreat”. “Formula” compass strategy, but whether it is gradual or gradual, as long as it is suitable for your own offensive rhythm, and adjusting the betting pacing according to the situation is the perfect strategy for the integration of offense and defense.

Roulette strategy 4: Labouchere

uitable users: Intermediate players, advanced players
Next, the Labouchere strategy in the roulette strategy will be similar to the “fading betting method” just mentioned above. The core skills surrounding it are to increase the single bet amount after losing money. What’s special about Scheer’s strategy is that players also need to set a “money target”. When the target number is set, then the overall process of the Labouchere strategy can be implemented.
First, we assume that the single bet in each game is 10 yuan, and then write down 6 arbitrary numbers on the paper in order (the sum must be 10), such as “1, 1, 3, 2, 2, 1”, and from the first The bet amount at the beginning of the game will be the addition of the numbers on the left and the right, that is, “1+1=2 (unit)”, and then if you win, it will be changed to the addition of the second and penultimate numbers. That is, “1+2=3 (unit)”, and then add the middle two numbers to win, that is, “2+3=5 (unit)”, if you continue to win, go back to the first step, and if If you lose money in the middle process, add the betting unit of the round to the number on the right. For example, if the round is 2 betting units, add the number on the right, that is, “2+1=3(unit)”. This round Roulette strategy is more suitable for middle and high-level players to execute. It must be sensitive enough to numbers and have a basic understanding of roulette strategy to operate smoothly.

Roulette strategy 5: Fibonacci

Suitable users: Advanced players (good at risk assessment)
If you talk about the roulette strategy using number sequences, it must be the protagonist “Fibonacci strategy” in this chapter. This set of skills can be said to be an advanced course in compass strategy. If you are only a beginner, you will It is recommended to use a simpler betting strategy first to get started quickly.
The Fibonacci strategy can be said to be a combination of “double betting method” and “progressive betting method”. The core skill around it is called “the new game bet is the sum of the previous two bets”, so players must use any method to record themselves every time. The number of units bet in each round needs to be completely recorded every time you win, and two units will be returned when you lose. Therefore, players must record the betting units of each round clearly, so that the Fibonacci strategy can be implemented solidly.

Roulette strategy 6: Andrucci

Suitable users: Advanced players (radical and passionate play)
Roulette strategy teaching has come to the highest level of elite skills. The Andrews strategy may not be the roulette strategy with the highest win rate, but it will be a theory that makes players more interested in other skills. According to poker circles, there are How amazing is it that a player has used this strategy to win millions of euros in just a few weeks? You might as well learn and test the water temperature.

The core foundation of Andrew’s strategy is based on “time flow”. First of all, what we need to do first is to record the number of the “30” spin cycle, that is, the number result of the roulette wheel in 30 consecutive rounds, and then check The number that appears most frequently in these 30 times, assuming it is “16”, then bet the number “16” in the next “15 consecutive rounds”, and bet with the amount of “lower limit of betting limit”.

You should all know that in the rules of the roulette game, the odds of betting on a single number are “35 to 1”, which means that in these 15 rounds, the player can make up all the previous losses as long as he wins the lottery once. , and a lot of extra chips. Perhaps for many high-level players, this is not a rational roulette strategy based on probability and logic. However, even if some players can exert their luck to the limit, they may win millions The lucky player of the euro may have saved the galaxy in his last life!

The above, I don’t know if the above 6 roulette strategies are helpful to you. In fact, although luck still accounts for the majority of the game of roulette, we can still use these logical theories to find ways to improve our winning rate. pnxbet’s roulette is not only a very textured game, but watching the roulette turn until it stops is even more healing. The detailed description of the roulette strategy in this article comes to an end. I hope you will like the content of this article. ,Grateful!

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